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TRT 1 Streaming
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TRT 1 Streaming
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TRT 1 Streaming

Trt 1


TRT 1, which is Turkey's first television show with blood, manages to attract the attention of viewers of all ages with its programs. 

TRT 1's broadcast stream There are programs in different styles from each other. Arrays take the first place among these programs. The days of the series are programmed as follows:
After the main news program on Mondays, the series met with the audience with its extraordinary scenario "Vuslat".

"My name is Melek", the TRT 1 series, which is in the prime time band on Wednesdays, is "My Name is Melek".
"Payitaht Abdulhamit", the historical series of TRT 1 and bringing the period of Abdulhamid together with the audience.

The series, which will be broadcast every Sunday starting from January 5, is "Champion".
Apart from these series, there are also TRT 1 series broadcast every day during the week. These serials are the Eighties, Fig Tree and the  


TRT 1 takes part in high quality programs within the tv broadcast stream . These programs are as follows:
Pelin & Ccedil;ift, who took the first place among the TRT 1 series, and the "Agenda" program meet with the audience every Friday. The program, in which different subjects were discussed, was passed; Although it is broadcast on time, it attracts the attention of the audience.

Another of the TRT 1 programs is the program named 3 in 3 History, presented by Pelin & Ccedil;ift. Meeting with history buffs every Thursday, the program opens the window of history.

The program called Families Compete, which meets with its viewers during the weekdays at noon, continues to be the joy of the day.

Other TRT 1 programs are; There are programs today on the Longitudinal and 1st, which are broadcast every Sunday.

In addition, TRT 1 includes a home theater for those who are wondering what's on TV today in the broadcast stream. In this generation, where quality cinema and television films are broadcast, from time to time, films broadcast on television for the first time are also featured.


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