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A Haber Streaming
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A Haber Streaming

A News


A HABER, one of the sub-branches of the ATV channel, has the distinction of being one of the frequently preferred TV channels in Turkey. The biggest reason why the viewers follow the channel so closely is that it shares all the events that are developing in our country and the world with their viewers in a short time.

A NEWS broadcast stream from politics to sports; It is possible to find different topics from economy to technology.


The most important program among the A NEWS programs is undoubtedly the Agency program that it broadcasts intermittently throughout the day. The agency program comes to the screens in the mornings under the name of Sabah Agency.  The Agency program that met its audience at 13:00 in the afternoon. The part that is published at 3 am is Ajans Today. The Evening Agency, which is broadcast at 18:00 and 19:00 in the evening, is presented by Salih Nayman. Cansın Helvacı is the presenter of the Night Agency, which appears before the audience at 23:00 at night. The Agency New Day program, presented by Sinan Tatlı, is in front of the audience at 04:00 in the morning.

A NEWS tv broadcast stream includes sports news as well. Among the sports programs that A NEWS has brought to the screens, there is the Sports Bulletin broadcast at 14:45 and 18:45.

The Economy Bulletin, prepared for those who follow the economy closely, meets with its viewers every morning at 09:45 during the week. In the program, which includes the economy news and comments of the day, it also informs its viewers about the expected economic developments during the day.

Presented by Canan Barlas, the program "Günden" meets with its audience every Monday at 21:00.

The Background program presented by Orhan Sali is presented to the audience every Tuesday at 21:00.

The program, which meets with its audience on Wednesdays at 21:00, becomes a Matter of the Country with the presentation of Wisdom.

Hilal Özdemir's program Between the Lines  what is on TV today for those who ask the question, meets with its viewers on Thursdays at 21:00.


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