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Kanal 24 Streaming
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Kanal 24 Streaming
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Kanal 24 Streaming
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Kanal 24 Streaming

Channel 24


KANAL 24, one of Turkey's news channels, appears before its viewers with its different programs. 


Among the programs of the channel, the first place is the "Day Headline" program, which is broadcast every day at 11:00 during the week and presented by Murat & Ccedil;ek and Hikmet Gen. In the program, in which the news reflected in the newspapers from Turkey and the world are shared and interpreted, it also includes striking analyzes.

Another program included in the KANAL 24 broadcast stream  is the Unregistered program offered by Beyza Hakan and Erkan Özyiğit. The program meets its audience every Saturday at 22:15.

Moment and Zaman, a program in which facts hidden in the back rooms of history are processed, every Sunday at 22:15. It is presented by Koray Şerbet.

The Health Center, prepared and presented by Meral Karadağ, hosts specialist doctors. 

KANAL 24, which includes different programs from each other tv broadcast stream  and 8th Stage, a motor sports program, to its audience. The program presented by Murat & Ouml;ztürk comes to the screens every Saturday at 12:15.

This country, which is the program of Belkıs Kılıçkaya, who interprets the most important issues developing in Turkey and the world with its esteemed guests, is meeting with the fans of this country on CHANNEL 24.

The Real Economy program, which comes to the screen every Wednesday, conveys all the important events that shape the economy and markets to its audience with the presentation of Sadi Ouml;zdemir.

The program called Kahve Break, which airs at 12:35 every weekday, is before those who seek answers to the question of what is on TV during the lunch break. Beyza Hakan was the host of the program.

The Weather program, which is a program that informs people about the weather conditions at various intervals throughout the day, appears before the audience with Eldebiran Ayan.

The Moderator, who comes to the screens at 14:00 every weekday, conveys the hot developments of the day with the presentation of Helin Arslan.


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