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TRT Türk Streaming

Trt Türk


Another TRT channel, the first television channel of Turkey, is TRT TRT. The channel, which features different programs, both entertains and informs its viewers. The programs and topics included in TRT TÜRK broadcast stream can be summarized as follows.


In the program called Nostalgia in 1; It brings together the unforgettable programs from the long history of the TRT channel with its audience.

On the other hand, the program named 3 in 3 is on the screen with the presentation of Engin Altan Düzyatan. In the program broadcast every Thursday, there is a competition program that includes questions about Turkish and world history. 

Known from TRT screens, the long-running competition program called Families is Competing is broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday with the presentation of Ufuk & Ouml;zkan. comes to the screens.

The music program "Evening Sefası" has become a classic for Turkish television. The program, which includes works that cannot be erased from the memories, meets with the following every Tuesday.

A Turkish in America program, on the other hand, is a Turkish program that, after cooking on ships for years, establishes a limousine rental company in America and owns a limousine fleet. tells.

Anadolu'nun Gözleri, on the other hand, appears before the audience as a program about arts and handicrafts in Anatolia.

Another program within the TRT TÜRK tv broadcast stream  is the program called Balkan Villages, which focuses on the Turkish villages in the Balkans and the lives there.

TRT1's popular but finalized series is meeting with its viewers again on TRT TÜRK screens. The series, which is also broadcast on Wednesday evenings, awaits those who want to watch the episodes again.

"Leave My Hand", which is on the screen on Tuesdays, is the series "Leave My Hand". Having a home and family that a person can go to is his greatest treasure". It was taken based on its motto. The series, which attracted attention with its cast, continues to meet with the audience who say "what's on TV today" on TRT TRT screens after TRT 1 screens.


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