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TRT Çocuk Streaming

Trt Çchild


Turkey's first television channel, TRT, has channels that appeal to viewers of all ages and tastes. One of these channels is TRT Childhood, which appeals to children. does not place in any way. In the channel, which has programs that children of all ages can easily watch, there are also programs that will teach children new things and encourage good behavior.


Nasrettin Hodja: In this cartoon, which tells the events that started with the teleportation of Nasrettin Hodja, an important motif of Turkish humor, the differences of our network are clearly revealed. />
Pırıl: Pırıl and his friends, who make children love mathematics, explain another mathematical knowledge to children in a fun language in every episode.

Skip Eggs: Salih Memecan's unforgettable cartoon; In this cartoon, which is the cartoon version of Bizimkiler, which is our own, the funny events of Limon and Zeytin are told.

Elif and Friends: Elif's Dreams, which is the sequel to the cartoon, Elif has started kindergarten in this series. de  In this series where the adventures of Elif with her friends at her school are told, çchildren are told how fun school is.

Elif's Dreams: The benefits of fruits and vegetables are also explained in the cartoon about Elif's friendship with the fruits and vegetables in her grandfather's greengrocer.

Water Crafts: In this cartoon about the humidity of water, the struggles of a group of friends with the environment and water pollution are told.

My brother Ozi: This cartoon will be a different answer to the question what's on TV today   This cartoon, which tells about the life of Ozan, a child with Down syndrome, and his family, raises awareness about down syndrome by telling children that difference is not important.

Hapşuu: This cartoon about the adventures of Hapşuu, who came to his grandmother's house in the village, guides children to good behaviors such as hand washing or healthy eating.

Smart Rabbit Momo: This cartoon about the adventures of Momo the Rabbit, who finds all the lost, and his friends living in the singing Forest, is a good example of friendship for children.


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