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TJK Tv Streaming
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TJK Tv Streaming

Tjk Tv


TJK TV Turkey Jockey Club; It is a channel established by All horse races in Turkey are also broadcast live on this channel, where programs are organized specifically for horse racing lovers.

streaming the main element in the horse made in Turkey there are races. In addition to these regular horse races held in different cities on certain days of the week, it also broadcasts special horse races such as Gazi Race.

The channel, which has managed to keep up with the developing technology and new trends, also broadcasts live on YouTube. It is also possible to watch the live broadcasts of the channel on the website. Broadcasting over the internet with a delay of one or two seconds depending on internet service providers is considered a warning on the site.


On TAY TV, the sister channel of TJK TV, HD tv streaming  has. In this channel, besides the races, horses and races  It is possible to find comments on the subject.

In addition, these channels also have broadcasts over the radio. These channels, which broadcast radio in many cities, are the channels closely followed by those who love horse racing and those who bet on horse racing.

Turkey Jockey Club These channels, which were brought to the Turkish audience and Turkish Horse racing lovers by the company, are constantly improving themselves in order to ensure that horse racing lovers can reach them from anywhere and under all conditions.

Aware that those who follow horse races closely are wondering what races are on today, instead of the question of what is on TV today, TJK TV said on its website that day; It shares the races and race times that will be added. In addition, it is possible to reach the full lists of the races planned annually on the TJK TV website.


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