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Teve2 Streaming
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Teve2 Streaming




TEVE2 channel broadcasting  includes new programs as well as reruns of the programs we can't get enough of watching. Another feature of the channel is that it hosts programs that have been broadcast on Turkish television for a long time.

TV series

Turkish serials that we have seen on screens before and that we like very much and that we want to watch over and over again meet with their fans on TEVE2 screens. These sequences are:

Lie World
A Matter of Honor
Let the children not hear
my mother
Small Tree

Foreign TV series are also featured on TEVE2 screens. These sequences are:

Ties of Fate
The Price of Fame
In the Shadow of the Past


TEVE2 tv broadcast stream In addition to the long-running programs of Turkish television, new programs are also included. The programs brought to the screens by the channel are as follows:

The Word Game, which came to the screens with the pleasant and sincere presentation of Ali İhsan Varol, meets with the followers every day.

Smile at Derya Baykal, another long-running program of the channel, meets with its fans every day during the week. 

The Follow Me program, which is an indicator of the social media madness, is one of the contestants' famous; their fierce struggle to become a social media phenomenon. The program is broadcast every night during the week.

Another long-term program of the screens is Çok Gezenti. The program prepared and presented by Burak Akkul comes to the screens every Sunday.

The Guide presented by Mert Savaş brings all the beauties of Anatolia to the screen. The program comes to TEVE 2 screens on Sundays.

The program called Let's Talk Again, broadcast on Saturdays, deals with the issues in our lives.

The Sen De Yap program, which comes to the screen on Saturdays, is a program that includes different handicraft projects.

For women who ask what's on TV today the program called Woman Touch is the answer. 


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