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Halk Tv Streaming
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Halk Tv Streaming

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HALK TV broadcasting the news that is on the agenda of Turkey in philosophy It is one of the independent news channels that has been built on it. The channel, which bases its broadcasting philosophy on news, naturally consists of news and discussion programs.

Programs Broadcasted on HALK TV

The 1+1 Program meets its audience every morning during the week. With this program, where Ata Arslan and Ezgi Değirmencioğlu present and comment on the news of the day, HALK TV viewers start their day with news of the agenda.

The Main News Bulletin is prepared and broadcast by a journalist loved and respected by the Turkish audience. İrfan Değirmenci, who meets with his fans every evening during the week, shares the events that developed during the day and the behind the scenes of the events with his fans. İrfan Miller also interprets the important events that took place during the day with an impartial eye.

While the Markets are Closing program is presented by Cüneyt Akman every weekday before the Main News Bulletin. Cüneyt Akman's program, which comments on the effects left behind by the markets as they close and what the future days may bring for investors, is offered to those who want to be informed about the markets through the TV broadcast. .

Details with Enver Aysever program meets its audience every night during the week. Enver Aysever, who is also a writer, invites guests to his program and presents the developments in Turkey with different perspectives.

The News Desk program meets its audience every day during the week at noon. Ezgi Değirmencioğlu presents the program in which the developments of the day until noon are conveyed.

Medya Mahallesi program meets its audience with Ayşenur Arslan's presentation every day at 11:00 during the week.

On the other hand, "Watch It With Yavuz Oğhan" program is broadcast on HALK TV at 21:00 on Monday evenings.

Political Culture meets its audience every Wednesday at 21:00 by Serhan Asker. In addition, another program presented by Serhan Asker, Gorgeous Memories, meets with the audience every Sunday at 11:00.

Where to Turkey is another program of HALK TV that Fatih Ertürk presents every Saturday at 21:00.

The Ombudsman program is broadcast every Sunday at 18:00 by İdris Akyüz.

The Spirit of Time appears before us as one of the answers to the question  what is on TV today . Presented by Cüneyt Akman every Sunday at 21:00.


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