Fox Tv Fatih Portakal Main News Watch Live

Fox Tv Fatih Portakal Main News Watch Live

Fatih Portakal Main News

Main News with Fatih Portakal, which is the most watched main news bulletin on television screens, continues to meet with the audience on Fox TV screens every evening during the week.

Experienced newscaster of the screens fatih Portakal is interesting. With Fatih Portakal, which he added color with his presentation, main news presents the headlines from Turkey and the World agenda to the audience every day at 19.00 throughout the week.

In the main news bulletin, where Fatih Portakal also presents the news with his comments, the most important topics of the agenda are presented to the audience, with topics such as economy, health, education and sports, especially politics. 
Great Success in Ratings

Television viewership meter The Main News bulletin with Fatih Portakal, which managed to catch as much viewing rates as the television series in the ratings, is achieving a great success in this field.

Fatih Orange and his rose The reporter team continues to take the pulse of the public with the news they prepare every evening. Fatih Portakal also does not neglect to instantly convey the comments of the people to his newsletter via social media.

Experienced reporters of the Main News bulletin with Fatih Portakal appear before the audience every evening with their street interviews on the hot topics.

Audience Participates Interactively

The main news bulletin of Fox TV, which came to the screens with the presentation of Fatih Portakal, allows the public to participate in the broadcast interactively with determined hashtags every day.

Fatih Portakal, broadcast on Fox TV every weekday evening at 19.00, continues to present stunning headlines on the Main News agenda, accompanied by special interviews.

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