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Ekotürk Streaming
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Ekotürk Streaming

Ekoturk Tv


Starting with the slogan of Turkey's Economy Screen, the channel has been in broadcasting for 1 year. Economy programs are featured on the channel where the economic developments of Turkey and the world are broadcast.


The program called New World Order with Ali Değirmenci, which includes the growth in the Turkish economy, the concepts of harmony and competition in the world economy, is one more famous than the other. names are guests.

Another program included in the broadcast stream  is the End of the Day offered by Özlem wave. In addition to breaking news, it is a program that includes the latest data and events affecting global markets.

The program called Mid-Day, presented by Ahu Orakıoğlu, conveys the hot economic developments during the day to its audience.

Perspective, the program in which the effects of global events and statements made on the Turkish economy are discussed, is on the screen with the presentation of Evren Bolgün.

Crypto Agenda, the program about cryptocurrencies, the new favorite of our network, is on the screen with Murat Tufan's presentation.

Another program included in the TV broadcast stream is Borsa Teknik. Guests add value to the program, which includes analyzes of the markets, with their comments.

Hande Kazanova continues to receive the opinions of experts with her questions about life and energy in the program called Evening Talks.

The host of the program, which is a guide for investors, is özköseoğlu in sight.

The program called Expectation Report, which deals with the developments that may occur in the new day, is brought to the screen by Özlem Karakulluk.

The Good Life with Melis program, which is about nutrition and health, appears before the audience as a healthy answer to the question of  what's on TV today 

The program called Sectoral Overview, in which representatives from all sectors in Turkey are hosted, is on the screen with the presentation of Serpin Alparslan.

The program, where all questions about the markets are answered, is on the screens with the presentation of Mr. Teknik, Ahmet Mergen.


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