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Cartoon Network Streaming
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Cartoon Network Streaming

Cartoon Network


Attracting to children of the older age group, Cartoon Network offers entertaining cartoons  It contains.


Captain Tsubasa anime tells the struggles of a football team. Between the struggles, this anime series about friendships is among the animes that current parents know from their childhood.

Apple and Onion become two friends with extraordinary ideas. It is about the adventures they live in every corner of the city they live in.

DC Super Hero Girls, teen teenager It describes the lives of the girls. However, the young person who is the subject of the cartoon; While the girls are attending high school, they are also guilty. There are superheroes who fight with.

King Şakir, tv broadcast  is another cartoon that takes place in. It is about the life and adventures of a lion family and animal friends in a modern city.

Bakugan Battle Planet works with Dan and his friends Bakugan to fight aliens who want to destroy the world in this adventurous cartoon.

Masha and the Bear tells the warm friendship stories of Masha and the Bear, a little girl living in the forest. Although the Bear gets angry with Masha from time to time, Masha is always in the heart of the Bear. manages to get.

Winx Club is the subject of this cartoon, in which the adventures of the Wing girls, who are the lover of the little girls, are told, 

Toony Tube is a 12 year old modern youtuber. In this program, Toony shoots videos on the amateur set he has set up in his own room. These videos are about Cartoon Network.

44 Cat is a cute answer to the question  what's on tv today . Bafi cats stay in the garage of the great mother Pina, who lives in a modern city. The cats, who later turned this garage into a club house, invite the cats living around to this club house. 


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