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Beyaz Tv Streaming
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Beyaz Tv Streaming

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Being one of the new channels in Turkey, Beyaz Tv hosts different programs, series and movies, although it has not been a long time since it started broadcasting. The programs included in Beyaz Tv broadcast stream can be grouped under the following headings.


Under this title, which has political programs, there are different programs from each other. Among these programs; There are Dynamite, Common Mind, Surmanşet, Agenda Special, What's New and What's Not, and Day 7.


On Beyaz Tv, it is possible to find programs that will appeal to everyone's taste. The Beyaz Tv magazine program that those who like magazine news will want to follow will become Impossible if I don't say it.


tv broadcast The channel, which also includes current programs, brings Yo Now and Diji-hal programs to its audience in this category.


The Ekopazar program in this category is aimed at those who want to receive news about business life.


The Brand Cities program, which is among the programs broadcast by Beyaz Tv about the economy, is far from the gloomy atmosphere of the economy programs.


Among the news programs of the channel, Uyan Turkiyem, which is brought to the screens every morning during the week, is a program followed by many people. In addition, the channel has White Main News programs presented every evening during the week and Weekend Main News programs presented on weekend evenings.


On the other hand, the programs that show sections from the inside of life and share practical and useful information about life are Extend Your Hand and Everything in Life.


Beyaz Tv  It is broadcast on the screens.


What's on TV today Another answer to the question is the cooking show Gurkan Chef and Mangal Keyfi.


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