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A Spor Streaming
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A Spor Streaming
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A Spor Streaming

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Today broadcast stream  at 07:00 on

A Spor's screens, the popular program of the morning is Sabah It will start with sports and will continue with the 10:00 Sports Square program right after. When our clocks show 11:00  and Sports Agency will meet you. 
If you're wondering '' what's on TV today ''  after all that, here is öafternoon tv broadcast stream  ;
At 14:00 Midday developments and the latest developments in sports will be with you in a 2-hour program. Immediately after, Maximum Sports will start the maximum program of sports when the clocks show 16:00.

18:00 A Spor's Main News Bulletin will be here with news from the agenda, Turkey and the world.
About two and a half hours later, at 20:30, our popular program Scoreboard, in which the first half of the day's match is interpreted and the evaluations of the players, will begin and will be with you until 21:15 with its enjoyable presentation and flow. The Halftime program, which will start at 21:15, includes many current news. Do not leave the screen in order not to miss the half-time program.
The Scoreboard program will continue right after the halftime break at 21:30 and the evaluation of the match of the day for you will continue with the second half of the match. Don't miss the Scoreboard if you don't want to miss the most important moments of the day's match, the positions and the comments where they are evaluated.

The Team Play program, which will start at 22:20, includes many valuable commentators in this program, where you can evaluate all the games of the day and find the latest transfer and sports news. 
If the day If you don't want to miss good news, transfers, the form status of your teams and many other details like this, don't miss the Team Play program.
 We thank you for the valuable time you have devoted to us. We are with you with the most up-to-date and accurate news.


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